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Dolgun Uchaf Guesthouse - a brief history

Dolgun Uchaf Guesthouse, once a hall house, is a grade two listed building, around 500 years old.

Historically Dolgun would be a regular meeting place for the early Quakers of Dolgelley, “It is said that representatives from nearly every county in Wales congregated at Dolgun Dolgelley in 1683”.

The property has a wealth of character and some of its original features, such as early tudor paneling and beams, can be seen in our guest rooms. The property has been mentioned in early Welsh poetry and was “one of three properties in the Dolgellau region noted for the warmth of their hospitality”.

The property, once an old hall, was adapted over time, with new additions to make it more functional as a farmhouse. The property is surrounded by farmland now but has also returned to hospitality, with 8 guest rooms and two self-catering cottages.

Houses of the Welsh Countryside: A Study in Historical Geography

By Peter Smith

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